Spelling words for the rest of the year will be our Enumclaw School District 4th grade High Frequency Spelling words.  This is the third time that we have had these words and students should be able to spell these words correctly in their writing.

May 13-17  able, add, against, ago American, among, answer, became, become, before, behind, Black Diamond, body, book, brought, built, cannot, car, certain, change, city, close, cold, complete, course

May 20-24  cut, didn't, dog, done, door, draw, early, English, Enumclaw, face, family, feel, fire, fish, five, front, full, gave, green, ground, group, grow, half, himslef, idea

May 28-31  I'll, I'm, inside, later, learned, less, letter, lived, mean, money, morning, move, nothing, open, order, perhaps, plants, play, point, ran, ready, red, remember, rest

June 3-7  room, run, sad, sea, seen, shown, six, space, special, table, though, top, town, tree, true, turned, United States, upon, usually, Washington, wind, yes, yet