Welcome to my Math Class Website!

In this website are links to a calendar for both Algebra 2/Trig and Algebra, which will show when assignments are assigned (due the next day) and when tests will be.  Please email with any questions!  Links to assignments will be on Google Classroom.

For the online textbooks, go to my.hrw.com

Algebra Online Textbook:

Username: ehsalgebra3

Password: hornets

Algebra 2/Trig Online Textbook:

Username: ehsalgebra11

Password: hornets


   Contact Information:

   (e)  ian_bugbee@enumclaw.wednet.edu


Western Washington University – BA Math-Secondary Education

Enumclaw High School Class Schedule

1 Period:  Algebra2/Trig

2 Period: Planning

3 Period:  Algebra

4 Period:  Algebra2/Trig

5 Period:  Algebra2/Trig

6 Period:  Algebra