Bienvenidos a la clase de Profa. Daniels

Vamos a aprender espanol....

The Spanish speaking world is my passion.  I can't wait to teach you why. 



Contact Information
 (t)   360.802.7707




My Educational Background

Seattle University – Masters in Teaching

Universidad de Salamanca – Spanish in Spain for Educators

Seattle University – Bachelor of Arts Psychology and Spanish

Universidad Iberoamericana –Latin American Studies

Enumclaw High School Clas
s Schedule  (room NP1)

1 Period:  Spanish 5-6

2 Period:  Planning 

3 Period:  Spanish 5-6

4 Period:  Spanish 5-6

2nd Lunch

5 Period: UW Spanish

6 Period:  Spanish 3-4





Have you ever spent an afternoon sitting in a plaza in Spain?  They are so fun & beautiful!



Have you tasted Wedding Cake in the largest bakery in Mexico?  Delicioso!


Have you met the Keyboard player in Juanes band?  He's quite friendly.


Have you climbed the Pyramid of the Sun?  It's an amazing view at the top!


Have you ever cheered your team to a World Cup victory!?  You will never see more spirit in your life than a Spanish Victory!


Have you eaten a grasshopper?  The legs are really crunchy.


Have you seen the Voladores?  They spin head first down a 100ft pole!  It's a dizzy experience!


Have you hiked up an active volcano in Costa Rica?  It's gorgeous.


Have you ever shopped at an open-air market in Madrid?
You can find incredible deals & interesting people!


RAIN or shine There are so many wonderful Spanish Experiences!! Welcome to my class, my world, and my passion!  Vamos!!