Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mr Schwartz. This year I have the pleasure of teaching not one, not two but four periods of US History AND a very thought provoking elective called "History and Film."

I.  In US History we are presently focused on US Constitution split into two portions; vocabulary, with a final list of 50 - 60 terms and rewriting parts of Article I (Congress/Legislative) Article II (The President/Executive) and Article III (The Courts/Judicial).  While in this unit all quizzes are open note so their success depends on understanding the portions of the Constitution they have rewritten and where in the Constitution they are located.

The final exam for this unit will be a Murder Trial which will be the responsibility of the class as a whole playing all parts, except Court reporter (tis I).

Keys to success are:

A. Keep up with notes and terms as I will post each week's efforts at the end of each week on their Chromebooks

B. Finding a study buddy to share info with especially when absent

C. Check on the chromebook the end of each week for up to date terms and Articles, Sections and Clauses

II. In my trimester elective, Film and History we examines different genres and their histories and how history affected their popularity and how their popularity affected history.  This could include such genres as Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Westerns and others.  Each unit will include examining the history of the genre, prime classic examples (in clips) and one full film in each genre.  Then students will be asked to gather information on related topics as well as creating examples where they get to act them out including silent comedy sketches and the making of short films.

I look forward to my learning, your student's learning and walking away from this year smarter........


Mr. Dan Schwartz