Please join us for Curriculum Night on Thursday, September 26th at 7:00 pm.

Entertainment will be provided for students in the gym.



Specialist schedule: 
Monday:  Library_please remember to bring your library books to return on Mondays.
Tuesday: PE and Music
Wednesday: Media
Thursday: PE and Music

Friday Folders:  Please look over your child's behavior and effort report for the week with your child.  Please return this on Monday morning, signed by a parent. This folder is for parents and students to review how their child's week went.  There is a space for parents to comment or ask questions, if you'd like to.  Thank you for taking the time to discuss this report with your child.

Homework: Each weekday, Monday through Thursday, our class will fill in the Math side of the Homework Log. Students will fill in the reading side of the Homework Log at home each night.  The goal for students is to read 100 minutes each week.   This is an average for the week, which could look like 20 minutes, five times per week, or 50 minutes, two times per week, or any combination that adds up to 100 minutes.  The time they read on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be logged on the following week's reading log. Each week parents will need to sign the Homework Log to verify that the student has read their 100 minutes. *There is a homework log available for you to print in the Documents section of this site.

There will also be a spelling list each week.  Lists will be given out on Mondays and tests will be on Fridays.

Some useful links-please see the "Helpful Links" tab to access the following links:


  • I Know That - This is an excellent site for practicing some basic math skills an computational fluency
  • Math Maven Mysteries - Calling all math detectives! Mysteries are popping all over town, and our chief sleuth needs your help to crack each case. These are interactive problen solving scenarios that let you put your math thinking skills to work.
  • Virtual Manipulatives - A great spot for practing all kinds of thris grade math skills
  • IXL Math - This site provides tons of practice in math connect to the standards we are working on.  There is a cost for joining this site.

Math Facts

  • Math Mayhem - Are you ready to put your math skills to the ultimate challenge? Here is your chance to compete head-to-head in our fast paced fun world of computational fluency.
  • Xtra Math - This is a site with just 10 minutes of practice a day can help your child meet the fact fluency target needed for third grade. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but very easy to use.



Social Studies


  • Spelling City - This site allows you to enter the words right off our lists to generate practice activities and games.

Word Processing