LAP Homework

LAP Homework

The LAP program does not have "formal" homework.  We expect all of our primary students to read at home at least 20 minutes daily and all of our intermediate students to read at home at least 30 minutes daily.  Here are two things you can do as a parent to help your student be a successful reader:

1. Create a time and place to read: Ensure your student has a quiet place to read at home.  It is also helpful if you have a time set-aside for your student to read. It should become a habbit and a daily expectation! 

2. Help your student find "just right" books: Your student should be reading books that are "just right".  This means that your student might struggle with two or three words every hundred words they read.  Your student should also be able to follow the story, make predictions and connections, and summarize their reading in fictional books.  Students should be able to synthesize their learning and recall important facts from nonfiction or informational texts. 

Looking to find a book's level?  Scholastic has a great website to tell you a book's level.  They don't have all books, but it's worth a shot if you are looking to find a book's level:

Looking to find books similar to a favorite book or writer?  Go to the link above, click on the "Search for Similar Books" tab and then type the name of a book in the search box.  The search engine will look for similar books!

Head to the King County Library's Kids' booklists website for ideas: