1. Learn about the different parts of an insect's body by clicking on the drawing. Name three parts of an insect's body.


2. What kind of ant is pictured on this Trek Nature page?

Source: Trek Nature   

3. About how many different kinds (or species) of ants can be found in the world? Choose the correct answer: 80 (eighty) 800 (eight hundred) 8,000 (eight thousand)


4. What are the three main jobs of worker ants?


5. Tell about two of the ways in which an ant uses its jaw, or mandible.


6. How many fire ants might live in one colony? Choose the correct answer: 200 (two hundred) 2,000 (two thousand) 200,000 (two hundred thousand)


7. How are ants' jaws different from people's jaws? (Hint: The answer is in how they move!)


8. How tall might the nest of an imported fire ant be?


9. How many ants can a giant anteater eat in a day? Choose the correct answer: 3,000 (three thousand) 30,000 (thirty thousand) 300,000 (three hundred thousand)


10. Why are leaf-cutter ants also known as parasol ants?


11. What do army ants eat?


12. Draw a picture of a carpenter ant.


13. Do army ants find food by smell or by sight?


14. One of the most common species of ants is called the "odorous house ant." How does that ant get its name?


15. Ants come in many colors. Do they come in yellow and purple and green?


16. How many ant species are there in the world?


17. How many eggs does a female odorous house ant lay each day?


18. How can you tell the difference between a native fire ant and an imported fire ant?


19. How does the size of an anthill relate to conditions inside the nest?


20. How do worker ants lead other workers away from danger or to a source of food?


21. Do leaf-cutter ants eat leaves? Explain your answer.


22. Name three things that an ant's antennae enable it to do.


23. A special dog dish has been invented so ants won't get into a dog's food. How does this dish prevent ant infestation?


24. Why are "large yellow ants" sometimes called citronella ants?


25. How do ants clean their antennae?


26. Army ants often travel in moving columns. What's the longest column of army ants ever seen?