Welcome to the website with news and information for Southwood Elementary's Learning Assistance Program (LAP). This site is currently under construction, so please check back throughout the school year as links and resources are added.


Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

The Southwood LAP program will be having an informational meeting on Thursday, September 27th at 6 pm. Please come join me at that time to learn more about our program. This is a half hour prior to Southwood's Open House which means you will be able to get a prime parking space!

The meeting will be held in Room 603 (the smaller library room) with child care available in the LAP room, Room 604. I look forward to seeing you there!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is LAP? 

A state-funded program serving students with the greatest deficits in basic academic skills as identified by district and state assessments.  K-4 Reading is the first priority of services.


How do I know if my child is in the LAP program?

Letters were sent home with 1st - 5th grade students on Friday, September 21st or Monday, September 24th informing parents of their child's enrollment in the program. Parents should sign and return both the letter and the School/Parent Compact attached. You may send it back to school with your child, or bring it to the Open House meeting to give to me there. 


What will my child be missing in order to participate in LAP?

We work hard to ensure students do not miss core instruction. If being served outside of the classroom, known as "pull-out" support, LAP services happen during reading intervention. Support occurring in the child's classroom, known as "push-in" support, may consist of additional assistance during class lessons. 


What do LAP services look like for my child?

Leveled Literacy Intervention Groups:  Small groups of 2-4 students work with an adult at intervention time. This program includes books students take home, read and return each night. This is most common in late Kindergarten through second grade. 

Focused Strategy Work: A group might also work on a reading strategy or skill based off of their specific needs. This is more common in fourth and fifth grade. This might look like additional support for reading strategies being worked on in class, either with a pull-out model in the LAP classroom or push-in model working in a small group within their regular classroom.

Third grade students may participate in either model above, depending on their needs. Your child's intervention program and model may change throughout the year depending on his or her individual progress.