Southwood Elementary
Fall 2015-16
      Homework that is always valuable:
·        Read every night (also RAZ kids)
·        Integrate math with everyday activities: let kids measure, count money, have an allowance to learn how to handle money, keep a checking account, read and follow recipes
·        Practice basic fact families according to what your child needs to learn. A little at a time is best
·        Take your child places and have conversations with them so they build understanding and background knowledge
·        Make sure your child plays outside!
      Homework assigned for a specific purpose will be at the child’s level, to the best of our ability. It will be closely tied to the curriculum we are teaching. Our goal is to have every child feel successful with homework.
      When we can, we will provide links on our SWIFT pages to valuable sites for children for practice, extending learning, and exploring topics of interest. These may help to build background knowledge for science, etc.
      General drill and practice for things that are less specific, if parents want it, can be purchased from WalMart, Target, or Children’s Bookshop in workbooks. We do not have the resources in our building budget or teacher time to create, copy, and check homework that is not a specific part of our curriculum and instruction.
Thank you!
The Southwood Staff