New, Improved, Super-Easy Bob Test!

1.  Find your username for your team (listed below):  REMEMBER -- EVERYONES PASSWORD IS: titan123

Bombers 1bombers
Thingerz 2thingerz
Majestic Dolphins 3majesticdolphins
Magic Schoolbus 4magicschoolbus
Book Beasts 5bookbeasts
Josh's Evil Mast. Soc. 7joshsevilms
JABL 8jabl
Raratonya 9raritonya
Water Melongias 11watermelongias
The Cringe 13thecringe
Dem Boios 14demboios
Pineapple Society 15pineapplesociety
CINJ 16cinj
addiction4ficiton 17addictionrfict
Baconators! 19baconators
Booksters 22booksters
The Bobs 23thebobs
The Unicorns 24theunicorns
The Super Bananas 25superbananas
Everybody do the Flop 26everybodydotheflop
The Thunder Titans 27thundertitans
The Champions! 28champions
Super Savage Book Readers 29supersavagebr
The Book Brains 30bookbrains
The Iron Lords 31ironlords
Huskes Rule! 33huskiesrule
The Papercuts 20thepapercuts

2. Click on the icon below to enter the testing site.

3.  Password for All Groups is titan123

4.  Take your test (try seaching by title and author - see Mr. Hanson is you can't find it)

5.  See Mr. Hanson to get your free Book or Poster (while supplies last!)


                                                                 Click on the Battle of the Books icon below!