Life As An Astronaut

Welcome to Life as an Astronaut!  This class is all about space.  In our studies, we will learn about Astronauts, what happens in space, how the space shuttle uses very little energy to rotate around the earth, rockets and if, time, we can plan and build a Mars shelter.

Communication, cooperation and effort are the primary ingredients for success.  Did I mention ingredients????  Well, you might even have the opportunity to eat some space ice cream.

The curriculum you will be learning is one that I wrote for NASA and is taught by teachers around the US and beyond.  So, hold on, while I take you on a journey in Space, as seen by an Astronaut.


You will be graded on the assignments handed out.  If you miss an assignment, it is important that you make up that assignment.  Understand that you might have an alternative assignment if you missed an activity.


          We will be watching Apollo 13 and possibly another Hollywood Movie.  Parents, please sign if you do not want your child to watch Apollo 13.  If you would like to contact me, I would prefer email to voicemail.

Again, welcome to class!

Mrs. Horton