I am happy to be starting a new school year and look forward to working with your child.  If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached by e-mail at:  sarah_vanvegten@enumclaw.wednet.edu or my office phone number is (360) 802-7510. 


** The most important things to have at the start of school for the instrumental classes are an instrument and method book.  These can be found at Enumclaw Music (360) 825-1191 or at The Music Trader, at Four Corners, ((425) 413-4343.


Parents of 6th graders:  you will need to rent the instrument and buy the method book for the instrument that your child will be playing.  For percussion players, this will be a bell kit, which includes mallets, sticks, and a practice pad.


Parents of all instrumental students:

Method books needed:

      Concert Band            Essential Elements 2000 for band, book 1

      Wind Ensemble        Essential Elements 2000 for band, book 2

      Concert Orch.            Measures of Success, book 1 (6th graders)

       Advanced Orch.        Essential Elements 2000 for strings, book 2 & 3 (7th/8th graders)


Please have all materials on the second day of school.