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As I settle in to summer, I wanted to bid a final farewell to all of my students and their families.  It was a great year and I enjoyed getting to know my fourth graders.  They were funny, smart, and always eager for a new challenge.  You parents were amazing too.  You were always willing to help with whatever was needed.  You supported your children and together we helped them thrive.  Thank you to those of you who were committed to coming in each week and helping in the classroom.  Thank you to those who sent in treats and needed items for the classroom.  Thanks to all of you for being my partners this year. I will miss you.

Enjoy your summer.  

Hugs, Mrs. Carel 





  Need an outing this summer? 

The Washington State History Museum in Tacoma is the perfect place to visit following the 4th grade year.  This hands on museum is loaded with many of the topics we have covered this year, from Lewis and Clark to the history of Washington state.  I talked to the students about this museum a lot this spring.  Fort Nisqually, on the grounds of the Point Defiance Zoo, is another great experience and the kids will see first hand what a fort was like in the mid-1800s during the Westward Expansion.




Store is closed for the year.

Cougar Store is closed for the year.


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Happy Summer Birthday to Ivan, Lyena, Karter, and Madilyn!




The following students met their reading goal in May!

Evelyn, Henry, Peyton, Nick, Taydem, Madilyn, Avery, Kenzie, Lyena, Hika, Kassady, Emma, Joseph, Talon, Zoey, and Heidi


top ten.GIF 

Accelerated Reader Points 

Hika 385

Talon 370 (Still earning points in June...did he pass Hika?)

Heidi 118

Kenzie 78

Ireland 59

Joseph 58

Taydem 57

Evelyn 56

Madilyn 49

Henry 43




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