Dear Family,

 A positive atmosphere is heavily emphasized in our classroom, both academically and in terms of self management.  I firmly believe children respond best in a positive environment where they are treated in a fair and consistent manner. I feel it is important you know how your child’s behavior choices are handled at school to help us work together most effectively. 

Our class will promise to follow personal standards that define how we will be treating each other and how we will behave this year to have fun, be safe, and learn the most we can.  Each child has valuable ideas to define our personal standards: 1) Show Respect, 2) Make Good Decisions, and 3) Solve Problems.  As their teacher, I will follow these personal standards too.  During the day children will be asked to sign our Positive Action book when they are “caught” doing a terrific job being responsible and meeting our personal standards.  If a student does not follow the personal standards, he/she will be asked the following four behavior questions:


  1. Excuse me, (name), what are you doing?
  2. What are you supposed to be doing?
  3. Are you doing that?
  4. What are you going to do now?


By answering these questions accurately, the student will be taking responsibility for his/her own behavior.  Each child is responsible for honoring the Classroom Promise to follow the personal standards, and managing his/her own behavior.  Following are the consequences for repeatedly not honoring the expectations of our personal standards:


  1. Each starts the day with a green card. When you see green you know your child had a great day!  
  2. If a problem arises the child will be asked the four behavior questions/verbal reminder.
  3. Next step the Good Citizens card turns yellow; discuss the problem with Mrs. Flores at a break or recess.
  4. If the problem still doesn’t change the Good Citizens card turns orange; create and sign a Wise Choice plan with Mrs. Flores or Solution Room staff if needed.  A copy of the plan will be sent home in the Bear Folder.
  5. Continuation of the problem will lead to the Good Citizens card turned red; se the Solution Room resources during recess, note or phone call home.  (Severity of infraction could lead to the loss of more than one recess). Severe and/or grossly      inappropriate behaviors may result in an immediate card turn to red and use of Solution Room resources.

 Students will color in a small box to match their Good Citizen ticket color each day on the calendar found inside the Bear folder (a green square means your child had a fabulous day!).  You will be able to monitor your child’s daily behavior patterns, celebrate successes, and discuss difficulties immediately.  A ticket turned now and then is no reason for concern, however if a pattern develops I will contact you to discuss the situation and together we will create a plan more specific to meet the individual needs of your child.



                                                                                                                 Mrs. Flores