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1 Period:  Intro to Psychology  


2 Period: AP Psychology            7xnflfb




3 Period:  Planning


 First Lunch              


4 Period:  World History 


5 Period:  Intro to Psychology 


6 Period:  Intro to Psychology


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Welcome to the wonderful world of AP Psychology! If this is your first visit to AP Land be ready for a rockin' ride! You are the master of your destiny here, with full responsibility for learning tons of material. But not to worry! Just like at Disneyland, where no matter how scary the ride, you will always have safety nets to make sure you have a great experience without really begin in danger. Think of it like swimming in the deep end of the pool (college) with all the big kids but you still get to have your water wings on (That's me!) I am here to make sure you don't sink and by the end of the year when the floaties come off... you will be swimming on your own before you know it!   If this is a return visit to AP Land for an AP veteran, no worries, you will be able to put your skills to use the way you like best or how it works best for you. As long as your test scores stay up you can use your favorite note taking and study methods while you are learning new and more efficient ways based on brain science. AP Psych does have a major difference from most other AP Classes. Psychology is really interesting and you can use it in your daily life! (Try that with AP Calculus) So in AP Psych, it is much easier to be motivated to read the text and listen to the lectures because the stuff you are learning about is kinda cool.  So grab a buddy (never swim alone) and be ready to jump in (Feet first, diving into unknown waters is never recommended) to the best class you have ever taken!

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