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2019-2020 Teaching Assignment

Special Education Transition Coordinator



University Puget Sound – Special Education Certification

Eastern Washington University – English, History Education Certification

City University - Physical Education Certification

Lewis and Clark College

Pierce College

Enumclaw High School Class Schedule

1 Period:  Transition SDI

2 Period:  Work Skills Class

3 Period:  LC Work Experience

4 Period:  Planning

5 Period:  LC Work Experience

6 Period: LC Work Experience



                                               Mr. Lobdell Professional Bio


I began my Enumclaw Teaching Adventure in 1995 as a Behavior Specialist who realized quickly that vocational interests are key to student success,  I developed a program that allowed my students to practice their work-behaviors in the school district and in the community at large.  This Alternative Program served some of our most challenging students and became its own business entity that over eight years created amazing Enumclaw connections.  

As a Certified Vocational Resource Instructor I have frequently supported my students’ career explorations with multiple visits to local Community and Tech Colleges, Occupational Skills Centers, and Job Corps.  We went to the King County Health Department regularly for student procurement of Food Handler Cards.  We undertook multiple construction projects that to this day can still be seen in the area.  Yet, the most rewarding part of the Alternative Program was my students’ involvement with The Enumclaw Rehabilitation Center where we shared companionship and recreation with the convalescing residents as my belief has always been that Student Transition Plans should have a “giving” element. The EHS Alternative Program functioned as a living Authentic Assessment based on “doing,” the best form of interest survey. 

The Transition community-based perspective I gained in our EHS Alternative Program has been a foundational piece of every placement I’ve held in the past twenty years. To see this one only needed to visit my Resource Rooms and witness the “Transition Wall Of Fame,” a historic montage of student activity and accomplishment.  

As an Adaptive PE Instructor I used the class curriculum as an effective aptitude/interest assessment to enhance Transition Planning for our DD students. As an LC Resource Teacher, my efforts have ranged from interfacing with DVR for student post-high school job support to engaging Functional Vocational Evaluations within my LC English class curriculum.  Every classroom experience was fashioned with elements of “beyond school” thought involved.  

Currently, I am moving forward with an exciting pathway possibility for a student to attend Bates Technical High School so that he can follow his passion for diesel mechanics.  He is on their waiting list to start in the fall and hopes to graduate High School with a diploma/Diesel Mechanics Certification combo.  This Bates pathway promises to open new doors for future EHS SPED students to follow. 

Having been involved with the initial stages of the EHS Transition Program as it was started by Sue Whitehouse and Judy Bruggeman then extended upon by Laurie Olsen-Pennignton, it is true professional symmetry for me to move back there and into the Community with our Support Services students.  I hope to continue my Enumclaw Adventure by adding to this valuable school-to-work program with my unique brand of energy and enthusiasm.  My best hope is to help lay the ground work for a meaningful future for our students.  





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