Homework / In Class Assignments for Culinary 1 and Skills for Success

Classroom Procedures: Leave all electronics and cell phones in backpacks or lockers. Be in your seat when the bell rings, end side conversations and raise your hand for questions. 

Students have 3 weeks to turn in missing work after it's been assigned. 

Culinary 1
Week 1
First Impressions
Set-up Binders
Get lockers
CTE and FACSE definitions
Classroom procedures

Week 2
Class Norms
Kitchen Procedures
Prepare for applesauce lab
Applesauce Demo

Week 3
Sanitation Procedures
Sanitation test: Students must pass by 80%
Applesauce Lab
True Colors/Personality test

Week 4
Kitchen Math
Apple Sauce (groups pick their own spices)
Apple Crisp

Week 5
Kitchen Math
Kitchen Abbreviations
Sugar Cookies
Kitchen Math Assessment

Week 5
Bread Sticks
Weighing and Measuring
Dutch Baby cooking lab

Week 6
Herb and Spice Pre-test and identification
Herb and Spice Power Point and notes
Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes
Herb and Cheesy bread lab

Week 7
Herb and Spice Power Point and notes
Pasta cooking lab

Week 8
Herb and Spice Power Point and notes
Ginger cookie lab
Prepare for chili lab

Week 9
Chili lab
Herb power point

Week 10
Herb power point

Week 11
Herb power point
Pumpkin Muffins
Spice Quiz
Staff Event: Baked Potatoes and Chili

Weel 12
Knife Safety Pre-Quiz
Knife Safety Power point and notes
Knife Safety DVD
Pico De Gallo cooking lab

Week 13
Knife Safety
Knife Cuts Lab
Chicken Stir Fry
Knife Cuts Challenge

Week 14
Knife Cuts and Safety Quiz
Sauces Power Point
Bechamel Sauce and Pasta
Open faced Bechamel Sandwich
Prepare for Mac 'n Cheese Lab

Week 15
Mac 'n Cheese Lab
Lasagne Lab
Clean and sanitize kitchen before the break!

Week 16
Start Egg Unit
Egg Power Point and notes
Meatball Sandwiches
Orange Julius

Week 17
Mid-term Final: Cooking Lab, Equipement Placement, Food Handler's card and Sanitation Essay

Week 18
Egg Power Point
Creme Brulee
French Toast

Week 19
Egg Power Point
Fried Egg Experiment

Week 20
Finish Pretzels
Devil's Food Cake Prep Work

Week 21
Devil's Food Cake
Mergunie Cookies

Feb. 24th
Coffee Cake, Bacon Rings and Cocoa
Angel Food Cake Prep Work

March 3rd
Angel Food Cake
Mayo, Hard Cooked Eggs and Spicy Deviled Eggs

March 10th
Deviled Eggs with your own recipe
Egg Scramble prep work

March 17th
Egg Scramble
Start Yeast Unit

March 24th
Prepare for Transition Luncheon: Make Meatballs

March 31st
Prepare for Transition Luncheon: Test different pound cake recipes
Make Strawberry and Lemon Curd Trifle

April 7th
Cook for the Transition Luncheon

April 21st
Canapes: Mini Vegetable and BLT

April 28th
Canapes: Chicken Salad and BLT

May 5th
Canapes: Reuben and Egg Salad

May 12th
Each group will make their own canapes.  They may need to bring ingred. from home.

May 19th
High Fiber/Low-fat cakes

May 27th
Food Network Star Project

June 2nd
Food Network Star Project

June 9th
Fruit Smoothies
Clean the kitchen
Kitchen Brigade information and Ratatouille notes

June 19th
LAST cleaning project!


First semester, we'll be covering our Sexual Health Unit around January 19th for four days.  Second semester we'll cover it around June 1st for four days.   Please view the curriculum on-line www.kingcounty.gov/health/FLASH.  Email me if you have any questions or would like to cover this unit at home with your student.
Week 1 Introduction Power Point Syllabus True Colors Worksheet

Week 2 Self-Assessment A Better You Project Sheet Personality Poster

Week 3 Present Poster Read, Discuss and Present Teen Health Articles Happiness Notes Stress Management Notes Life Change Scale

Week 4 Teen Link Guest Speakers Stress Essay Writing Assignment Teen Depression Communication

Week 5 Mental Health Brochures Communication Guest Speaker

Week 6 Nutrition Unit - Take Notes Dr. Oz clips Eating Disorders Label Reading

Week 7 Super Size Me DVD CBA: Cafeteria Choices SMART Goals

Week 8 Nutrition Power Point                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Nutrition Quiz - Students can re-take the quiz for more points.  They must see me during Core/Choice for details. Week 9 Career Counseling information Use WOIS in the library Tour

the Career Center at EHS

Week 10 Drug/Alcohol Unit take notes Guest Speakers from AA and NA

Week 11 Enumclaw Police Dept. - Guest Speaker Drug/Alcohol Unit notes Week 12 Drug/Alcohol Power Point                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Week 13 Drug/Alcohol Power Point

Week 14 Addiction quiz Tobacco Notes and posters Start Disease Power Points: 3 days in the computer lab - See Documents for assignment details

Week 15 Gilda's House Guest Speaker: Teens and Cancer Disease Power Point in the library Start Disease Presentations

Week 16 Disease Power Point and Prezi Presentations Leadership Activites

Week 17 First Aid / CPR video and work with manikins 4 First Aid Quizes CPR test

Week 18 First Aid / CPR video and work with manikins 4 First Aid Quizes

Week 19 Sexual Health Unit notes Sexual Health quiz Family Education: Guest Speaker

Week 20 Current Event Project