Students are required to read a minimum of 20 minutes EVERY school night and record their reading on their bookmark.  
Your child will have a copy of the spelling list each Monday.  They will take a pre-test on Wednesday, and the final test will be on Friday.  Studying a little every night will help students prepare.
There will be math homework a couple of times a week. 
Please refer to the daily email for the answer key.  Your signature verifies that you have looked over their work.
Your child will write every day.  I may send home their writing if I
feel they did not get enough accomplished during writing time. 
Your child will more than likely start bringing home their writing because they simply want to write more!
 There is potential for homework every night, it just depends how well your child used their
time at school or if it takes them a bit longer to finish their assignments. If your child is
struggling with the homework, just let me know, they should never work longer than an hour
total if they are putting forth their best effort.