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Charity project and parent involvement is needed!
Posted by Kolleen Bourdage on December 09, 2019 at 7:42pm


We are beginning a charity project and your involvement will be a big help! 

This project involves research, writing, art, math and much more. Here is a quick break down.

  1. Your child will be researching charities and will be asked to choose one they really care about. They must have one chosen prior to our Family Connection Day on December 18th. They will have some time to research at school but they should also be researching at home.
  2. Your child will write an opinion essay explaining why someone should donate to that charity. The writing of the essay will be completed by January 30th but will be completed ONLY AT SCHOOL. Although I encourage students to talk with their families at home about the charity and research at home, they are not to work on any of the writing at home.  
  3. Your child will create a paper mache bank representing the charity. This bank will be displayed in a location of their choice in Enumclaw or a surrounding community (along with their opinion essay) to collect money for the cause. Your child will need to come to school on December 18th with their structure prepared so we can focus on the messy paper mache during our Family Connection Day on December 18th from 9:00-10:30. 
  4. We will paint the banks and add the final touches during our January Family Connection Day on January 30th from 1:00-2:00.
  5. Your child will need to get approval from a local or nearby business, church or other organization so they can safely display their bank there for donations. Your child will also need to retrieve the bank at a given date. 
Parent Assistance

Charity Research and Opinion Writing:

  • Talk to you child a home about what a charity is, what types of charities are out there and what someone should consider before donating to a specific charity.
  • Talk to your child about which charity they want to focus on and why.
  • Help your child research their charity at home. This is only brainstorming and collecting information. Please do not help your child with any of the writing for this project as all writing should be done at school.

Paper Mache Bank:

  • Help your child decide on a reasonable paper mache design that relates to the charity. The design should capture the attention of people walking by and makes sense based on the charity chosen. 
  • Help your child build the structure of the bank before December 18th. We will do the paper mache during our Family Connection Day on December 18th from 9:00-10:30 so please do not do that part at home. (I am extending this FCD by an extra 1/2 hour so we have enough time to do the paper mache)
  • Help your child with the paper mache during the December FCD if you can make it.
  • Help your child with the painting and final touches during our January FCD if you can make it. This is on January 30th from 1:00-2:00.

Setting up and retrieving the bank:

  • Help your child choose a safe location to set up the bank for donations and get early approval from the owner of the location. This could be at a local or nearby business, church or other organization. The opinion essay should be on display next to the paper mache bank.
  • Help your child set up the display within the few days following January 30th. 
  • Help your child retrieve the display (date TBD).

We will be discussing this more at school but please let me know if you have any questions. 


*Only have the basic structure ready on December 18th so we can do the paper mache here. Do not bring the bank already done.

*Students should not get any help with their writing at home. This makes it extremely hard to teach them if I don't know what they can do on their own. 


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