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Charity Project Update
Posted by Kolleen Bourdage on February 06, 2020 at 10:08pm

Students will be bringing home their bank, completed essays and display headings this next Monday, Feb. 10th or Tuesday, Feb. 11th. This should give them plenty of time to get their banks displayed and collect enough donations before they are due back for our March Family Connection Day (March 31st). This will give them about 7 weeks. At the last FCD, we agreed that about a month was enough time to display the banks. Obviously, 7 weeks is longer than one month but it can give you and your child extra time to set up or use the bank in other ways to collect donations. Some students had some brilliant ideas! One student mentioned taking the bank with him to church to see if any donations could be collected after the service. Another student said she wanted to make phone calls to family and friends. Feel free to encourage your child in anyway that feels right to you. If you are planning to leave the bank on display at a business, you do not need to display it longer than a month but please make sure it is in a location that can be closely monitored.  

The banks should be brought back to school for our March FCD on the 31st of March from 1:00-2:00. At this time, students and parents will count the money and we will take the first steps in getting the money to the charities.  

Thank you for your support throughout this project! It's so much fun to watch the kids get excited about making a real difference.


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